6D Music Productions is based in Buenos aires, Argentina. Born in 2016 offers creativity + originality. How? by working with a staff capable and ready for ANY musical request by the client. Orchestra conductors, composers, beats producers and Art Directors are the characters that integrate the studio. Come and join us in this creativity journey.


Yamil Elal (AKA Chamal), Bachelor in Music Therapy, Electronic Music producer, Deejay, Composer, Beats Master.

Guido Bettinelli, Bachelor in Art Direction for advertising, Musician, Traveller, Orchestra Conductor, Biker, Creative.

Juan Sebastian Perez Varelo, Bachelor in Music Composition (UCA), Percussionist, Pianist.

Miguel Ramirez, Bachelor in Sound Design for Visual Arts,  Guitar player, experience in Sound Design / Composer for Advertising, Movies, etc.